Summary Of Lekki Toll Gate Protest By Kswag

Summary Of Lekki Toll Gate Protest By Kswag. Super Star Kswag spill the beans on the current happenings that took place at the famous Lekki toll plaza.

On the 13th day of February, 2021 Nigerians came out in their numbers to kick against the reopening of the toll. The reason is because, justice has not been served for those killed on the 20th day of October 2020. Infact , many people have taken their anger to twitter, as the #EndSARS continues to spike another trend.

Prior to this effect, Savvy Rinu who was part of the Lagos judicial panel had to back out, Rinu made it known that she cannot be part of a panel that does cover up and is not ready to speak the truth.

Summary Of Lekki Toll Gate Protest

Kswag gathered a few things that are to be noted , these few points are very vital for knowledge sake. He made it known to us that , the government are been inhuman, and should be voted out in 2023. The few points are as follows :

  1. Breach Of Human Right To Protest

The whole display of force on harmless protesters , who came to exercise their fundamental right was not necessary. Kswag who is a notable Nigerian youth speaks badly of the breach of human right to protest.

2. Mr Macaroni and 39 Other arrested

Comedian , Mr Macaroni and 39 other youths were been arrested, just because they peacefully exercised their rights. To be honest this is so bad and it doesn’t speak well of the country.

Summary Of Lekki Toll Gate Protest By Kswag

Kswag slams Buhari and also the Lagos State government for their incompetence to maintain a peaceful protest . He went further to encourage all Nigerian youths to get their pvc ready , as it is the only voice they have to make a change.

Looking at the Summary of the Lekki Toll Gate saga , one would be so unhappy . This is because , the federal govt of Nigerians seems not to value human right , and also respect the rule of law. Despite the whole killings and shootings that took place , at the Lekki toll plaza, one would definitely loose faith and hope in the Govt under Buhari regime.

Get Your Permanent Voters Card Ready

The whole saga at the protest is another indication , that all Nigerians should get their pvc ready. They should come out in large numbers and fight for one course, which will bring change and end to injustice in the country.

Nigerians should not relent in fighting for their right, Kswag made this known to us . He said with the current situation in the country, everyone should come as one regardless of our language or tribe differences.

The Lekki Toll Gate saga will never be forgotten in Nigeria’s history , it is an eye opener to all the bad intentions of the Nigerian govt under Buhari regime .

End Bad Governance In Nigeria

We want all youth to come out in numbers and vote out bad government , this is the only power we have. God Bless Nigeria .

Get ready 2023 is upon us to make a big change that we so much long for

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