Kachi Tv On Education : The Process Involved

Kachi Tv On Education

Education is the best legacy , it is a global strategy to fight so many societal problems faced around the world.


It has build a lot on our educational system , teaching has now been made easy . We cannot under-estimate the sweetness that the power of information can do in our educational system.

Create awarenss

Enlightens the public

Groom individuals for excellence

It is information that makes every Nigerian girl child to be highly informative on the need to further their education, so as to reduce economic inefficiency. Information has encourage rapid and fast development in the country Nigeria.

Kachi Tv On Education

We all believe that information is key , it rules our present 21 First century . “To be informed is to be transformed,to be Uninformed is to be deformed” .This clearly means that without information, hardly can a man survive , especially in a country like Nigeria.


Kachi Tv On Education

This is the means that brings about , digital ways of sending processed information. You communicate to evaluate .if there is no communication, survival will be very hard.

Our educational system has core educational values by which they pass across to the coming generations.




Has helped give our learning environment a very advance atmosphere f0or example :

Online class and examination

Distant Learning in Schools

Pdf Textbooks Online

All of these are communication materials so we can approach them for general and private usage.

It i technology , which is the practical manifestation of science that supports our educational system. Checking of jamb results and creation of school portals for school admission.

Technology has reduced the stress level drastically, all of these can be measured as the strength of ict.

Kachi Tv On Education

Creation of stable power supply

we have a very poor networking system

There are so many language barriers online , which is diversifying student’s attention.

Nigeria is developing , so we need our educational sector to move with the pace of technology around the world .

Every child in Nigeria deserves the right to education , we must understand education is the key to success. As a great a nation , it is advisable that the minister of Education lay more emphasis on school infrastructures .


As a media house we have deem it fit to create awareness on the educational sector in Nigeria.

During this Covid-19 times , it is also advisable that all levels of education from primary to tertiary.

Nigerian Schools

it is also advisable that all levels of education from primary to tertiary level observes the pandemic times . This will help curb the spread of the deadly virus and ensure that everyone is safe.

Education is the way forward for every nation of the world , don’t joke with this aspect of the economy . There is a popular saying “if education is expensive , then try ignornance” .

This is because great exposure with everlasting benefits comes from being educated , you are also open to room for more development.

Education In Nigeria should be treated as a priority and not a second class option .

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