How To Get Cac E Certificate In Nigeria : Learn More

How To Get Cac E Certificate In Nigeria

Everyone in Nigeria knows how complicated it is to get the Corporate affairs commission certification. Infact it is a long or hectic process to take , but today we will be showing you some easy steps without much stress. the process on How To Get Cac E Certificate in Nigeria

How To Get Cac E Certificate In Nigeria

Choosing A Business Name

This is basically the first or major step to take when it comes to getting your business name or company . The registration process starts from here, after choosing your preferred name , you can now go ahead to commence or begin other procedures and steps.

Registering Your User Details On Cac Portal

Immediately after choosing or selecting a preferred business name or company name for registration. This is the next step to take thereafter. At this point , you will need to get your full names and other details like date of birth, email address, and house address also. This is to make sure that you are human and not a robot. It is adviseabe to fill in the correct and accurate answer to avoid query with the registration board. Click HERE to resgister

How To Get Cac E Certificate in Nigeria

Starting a New Name Reservation Process

After you must have chosen a name , and created a user login the next step is to begin a name reservation process on your user dashboard.

This is to ensure that , you in line with the Cac guidelines, it is also required that you do a name research via the Search Portal . Once this is done , you can now be sure that the intended name for reservation is still much available for usage .

At this point , it is best that you make payments of about 664 naira to claim the name . Note that after payment , you will not be allowed to make changes .

New Company Registration Procedure

Once the reserved name has been approved by the commission , you are expected to begin your business name or company registration . This is because the reserved name will only last for 60 days . So you are expected to make payments before it expires . Specifically choose your nature of business while registering. and make additional comments for the other services you provide that are not listed by the commission.

How To Get Cac E Certificate in Nigeria

How To Get Cac E Certificate in Nigeria

If you follow all these above steps correctly , you are on your way to getting a seamless and stress free registration for your brand or company.

Provide Valid Means Of Identification

You will be required to provide a valid means of identification, via pdf format , a passport via jpeg or png , and a signature via jpeg or png . the same applies if you are having more than one proprietors .

How To Get Cac E Certificate in Nigeria

Note that the fee for Business name registration is 10,215.46 naira . Take a bold step today and get your business or company registered, it is worth it .

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