History Of Kachi Tv – Establishment & Start Up

History Of Kachi Tv – Establishment & Start Up

Kachi Tv started in the year 2019,November to be precised and has been doing well in the media. As a brand , the aim is to spread information across the globe for the benefit of man-kind.

Started Off As A Facebook Page

The brand started off as a page on facebook dispatching news and entertainment content. Ever since then there have been many innovations to improve and step up her game .

A 10 Member Team

While setting up the body of the team members , the CEO , Mr Chukwunweike Onyekachi gathered a 10 man squad. His aim was to delegate duties and ease the mode of operations at KACHI TV . Definitely, he was able to achieve this , with his great knowledge in business administration.

The main drive was to make business advertising for young and coming entrepreneur easy to access. This is because most of them find it hard affording the cost of placing a business ad. Kachi Tv will therefore come in as a solution to bridge the gap and make business a friendly place for all .

Business and Security Niche

Few of the major niche of the brand, is creating and educating viewers, visitors and clients on business contents. Furthermore , to also strengthen their scope of expansion in security.

History Of Kachi Tv – A great one

Kachi Tv got registered and licensed to do business in Nigeria in the year 2021 February 4th .

The Company Motto : Information To Reach Your World

Information to reach your world , simply implies that everyone will enjoy the undeniable benefit and usefulness of information. Kachi Tv is not just a blog platform, but a media house with the aim of becoming Africa’s biggest media brand .

As the brand grows further other interesting plans and contents will surface .

Services at Kachi Tv

News Reporting/Broadcasting

We want to redefine the process of information delivery and advanced reporting . With our style of editing and writing we will be on top of our game .

Digital Services

Kachi Tv offers the best services in terms of , creating responsive mails, creating organic and targeted audience for brands . Also helping creatives achieve great streams in their respective fields.

Publicity Services

As a media brand it is our duty to give every brand and project their desired exposure . We also take delight in publishing press release and so on .

Documentary Management

Business Profiling and Advert

Every Business needs a good profile on the net , either creating a Google my business or getting your business and brand advertised on blogs . Our experts will help shape your business online presence and increase your chances of getting sales .

Paid Partnership

This service is simply for companies and brands who want to maintain a long term business relationship with us .

Generally we want to create a channel that makes people find it easy to access information , and get their business brand known .

We have publicize for the likes of Susan Garland – Miss Earth Nigeria , we had interviews with few celebrities in Nigeria , Louddaaa, Paul Play, Kswag and many others

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