Fasting Burns Fat Like Crazy – By Abraham D. Chidinma

Fasting Burns Fat Like Crazy – By Abraham D. Chidinma

What if I told you that you can fast your way out of that excess body fat? Surprised?
Maybe you’d be more surprised if I told you its pretty easy and not as complicated as
you may be thinking now. The magic lies in just two words: Intermittent Fasting.
Studies have proven beyond doubt that a consistent follow-through of this type of
fasting can help you burn body/belly fat, and give you that dream body you so much
desire. So buckle your seat belts as I take you on a jolly ride through the magic of
Intermittent Fasting.
To keep it simple, I.F is scheduling your meal timing in such a way that your
metabolism is fired up over a given period of time, thereby helping you burn off excess
body fat.

There are three types of Intermittent fasting:

Alternate day fasting

Periodic fasting

Time-restricted fasting.

However, the one we would be focusing on today is the ‘Time-restricted Fasting’.
This is where you are allowed to eat whatever you want for a particular period of the
day, and then eat nothing throughout the rest of the day. Experts recommend a 16:8
window, which simply translates to eating any kind of food you want for 8 hours of the
day, then staying away from food for the remaining 16 hours of the day.
Which means that if you start eating by 8am, you must eat all your meals between
8am and 4pm. And if you start by 10am, you eat your last meal of the day by 6pm.
Don’t panic now, its actually easier than it sounds if you follow the below tips:

Fasting Burns Fat Like Crazy – By Abraham D. Chidinma


break your meals into a two hour schedule.
Which means you would be having four meals during your 8-hour eating
window. Timing yourself is of essence here. You can even set a reminder on
your phone or smart watch so you don’t forget.

people tend to think they are hungry when in
reality, all they need is some water. So if you feel the urge to eat something
in between your 2-hour schedules, then I would strongly suggest you go for
water. Besides, water also detoxifies the body and keeps us hydrated.


exercises make us hungry, and it would
only be wise to exercise first, before taking our meals. This would also give
your heart a good pump and get your metabolism ready for any incoming

a glass of warm cinnamon water after your last
meal for the day, is one of the best methods to keep hunger at bay for the
remainder of the day. Cinnamon drastically speeds up the metabolism and keeps the feeling of hunger at bay, thereby making it easier
for you to keep to your fasting plan.

Fasting Burns Fat Like Crazy

A recent study in the U.S found that obese people who followed this 16:8 intermittent
fasting plan for three consecutive months, modestly lost weight and had their blood
pressure lowered without feeling hungry or deprived.
However, this intermittent fasting completely excludes pregnant women and people
with type 1 diabetes and you should first consult with your Doctor before embarking on
this type of fasting.
And in all you do, remember to keep on keeping on.

Fasting Burns Fat Like Crazy – By Abraham D. Chidinma are all we need to ensure a healthy life. In Nigeria it is almost impossible to do all these.

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